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Lincoln City's weather is temperate. The weather changes from year to year and can depend on variables such as El Nino. Pacific Ocean water currents also play a part in the temperature. Weather extremes such as very high temperatures or extremely low temperatures are not the norm in Lincoln City. Many Lincoln City residents consider Lincoln City to be located in the banana belt - just south of Cascade Head and tucked away from the north coast. Temperatures are usually warmer here than those of the north coast. Wind direction can influence temperature. Winds can sometimes be stronger in the summer. Often September and October have the best weather with mild temperatures and less wind.

Lincoln City weather websites and webcams  
Inn at Spanish Head - Channel 2 (KATU)
Roads End
National Weather Center
Siletz Bay Water Levels
Siletz Bay

Weather Center
Lincoln City has purchased land at the end of 51st St across from Mo's for a weather center. The plan is to construct a facility that will provide accurate weather data for the central Oregon coast as well as a family-oriented tourist attraction. Lincoln City needs to provide accurate weather information to tourist markets in the population centers of Oregon and beyond. The weather center has backing from the Governor's Office of Community Solutions.

Oregon Coast Weather - Monthly Average
The temperatures in the chart below may be low for Lincoln City. Check the weather websites for the best data.

Weather averages
Jan - Mar
Apr - June
July - Sept
Oct - Dec
45 F
53 F
59 F
50 F
Days of Rain
Wind Direction

Average wind speed 4-15 MPH (6-24 KmH) with summer gusts to 60 MPH (97 KmH) and 80 MPH (130 KmH) in the winter.

Tide information  
Hatfield Marine Science Center
National Oceanic & Atmospheric

Weather at CNN -

La nina information:

Road conditions
Accurate weather reports and road conditions are essential to Lincoln City's economy. Highways 18 and 101 are the main arteries supplying Lincoln City. Major storms can close roads. The public needs to have the correct information about closures and openings of roads. Tourists often rely on Portland TV weather reports to determine their travel activity. At one time there was a committee to work on transportation issues, especially concerning Highway 18 in the winter. Click here for more information.

Weather wise - play it safe - use caution
A few tips to make living and visiting here safe

1. watch for sneaker waves on the beach
2. stay away from logs on the beach that can roll in the surf - avoid danger that can kill
3. if you feel an earthquake head for high ground immediately and stay there, a tsunami (gigantic wave) may be headed for the coast, the second wave can be more destructive than the first. Watch for evacuation route signs. Public access TV Charter Cable Channel 4 airs an educational video about tsunamis that is well worth the time to view.
4. check road conditions for weather related hazards - high water on East Devils Lake Road, downed trees and power lines from high wind, black ice in the morning
5. take a Red Cross Basic Survival Course

Click here for more information.

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