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Call 911 for emergencies
Weather wise - play it safe - use caution
A few tips to make living and visiting here safe

1. watch for sneaker waves on the beach
2. stay away from logs on the beach that can roll in the surf and sand - avoid danger that can crush and kill.
3. stay off the high bluffs and sand banks - they can collapse and slide and kill.
4. if you feel an earthquake head for high ground immediately and stay there, a tsunami (gigantic wave) may be headed for the coast, and the second wave can be more destructive than the first. Watch for evacuation route signs. Public access TV Charter Cable Channel 4 airs an educational video about tsunamis that is well worth the time to view. Tsunami inundation zone maps and information on 72-hour kits are available at both the Oceanlake and Taft Fire Stations, in Lincoln City.
5. check road conditions for weather related hazards - high water on East Devils Lake Road, downed trees from high wind, black ice
6. take a Red Cross Basic Survival Course

Coast Guard Stations  
Depoe Bay
Yaquina Bay - Newport
Crime Prevention  
Neighborhood Watch  
Project Safe Neighborhoods - enforce gun laws  
Disaster (Emergency)
Preparedness & Management
American Red Cross
City of Lincoln City
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Office of Emergency Management Lincoln County Oregon (Earthquake & Tsunami, Homeland Security, etc.)
Oregon Emergency Management
Earthquakes & Tsunamis  
Oregon Department of Geology & Mineral Industries
Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, The (PNSN)
The National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program
West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
Events to raise funds and awareness  
Firemen's Ham Dinner  
Women's Violence Prevention and Awareness Month  
Stalking Awareness Month - January  
North Lincoln Fire and Rescue
Taft Fire Station  
Law Enforcement  
Lincoln City Police Department  
Lincoln County Sheriff - Newport
Oregon State Police  
Federal Bureau of Investigation  
Legal Aid  
Men's Assistance  
He's My Brother - men's shelter  
Women's Assistance  
My Sister's Place - women's shelter 800-841-8325
Women's Violence Intervention Program PO Box 426, Lincoln City, OR 97367

Lincoln City has the highest crime rate in the state of Oregon for any city under 10,000 in population (the large tourist population can bring Lincoln City's population to over 25,000, so the figures are controversial). Visitors should lock their cars and put valuables out of sight in locked trunks or keep their valuables with them.

Lincoln County has very high domestic violence and abuse statistics. This is due in part to the seasonal and high unemployment.

Statistically, more theft of businesses is committed by employees than by customers. Shoplifters have been caught and arrested in the Lincoln City mall. Local police do not have the personnel to investigate every burglary and theft. Citizens can fill out a report and submit it to the city police or county sheriff.

Illegal drugs are prevalent in Lincoln City. Meth labs have been discovered in and around Lincoln City. Often, thefts are associated with drugs. The Lincoln City police are hiring new police officers to work to diminish these crimes.

With the Chinook Winds Casino and legalized gambling, pawn shops have sprung up in Lincoln City. Problem gamblers can get help from special programs.

iPhone app called Offender Locator: sex offenders who live within a 10-mile radius of where children go to school, practice sports or watch movies located. Other apps on crime available.

Missing Persons:
• 5/24/04: Brooke Wilberger
Tip line: Corvallis Police Department (541) 766-6989
or after 5:00 PM at 541-766-6911.
Purchase a bracelet and donate to fund her search.
    Unreal - A married man with children was charged with abducting Brooke the same day he was scheduled to appear in Lincoln County court at Newport for a traffic violation on Hwy 18 in Otis, Oregon - not far from Lincoln City. When an Albuquerque police detective investigating a case made a call to Oregon to check on Courtney's 1991 sex abuse conviction in Washington County, investigators in Oregon looked closer at him as a suspect in the Wilberger case. On September 18, 2009, Joel Patrick Courtney confessed to killing Brooke and told authorities where to find her body in the Cascade Range off Hwy 20 near Blodgett.
• 10/30/04: Kimberly Forbes - over one year
Tip line: 541-386-2711

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