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Lincoln City has over seven miles of walkable Pacific Ocean beach. Oregon's beaches are open to the public. There is so much more to see and do than just the beach. Whether a resident or visitor take time to explore the many other sites of the Lincoln City area. Hike Cascade Head for an awesome view of the coastline. Take a kayak tour of Devils Lake from West Devils Lake State Park. Visit spectacular Drift Creek Falls in the Siuslaw National Forest. When the weather at the beach is stormy and the rain is coming down sideways consider moving inland where the weather can be less severe. Take a hike around Spring Lake amidst its towering trees that often provide protection from the wind. From forest to ocean there is something for everyone.

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Beach Access  
NW Area SW Area
NW 49 SW Beach
NW 40 SW 11 (Restroom)
NW 37 SW 33
NW 34 SW 35
NW 26 (Restroom) SW 44
NW 21 SW 51 (Restroom)
NW 15 (Restroom) Siletz Bay (Restroom)
  SW 62
  Josephine Young Park (Restroom)
Open Spaces, Parks & Trails
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Book Club Driftwood Library
Lincoln City Senior Center  
St Peter the Fisherman Lutheran Church  
Lincoln City Senior Center  
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